‘Save the Tarkine’ tree vigil

Last week I travelled nearly six hours through the remote north-west coast of Tasmania, and into one of the most significant remaining tracts of cool temperate rainforest left in this part of world: The Tarkine. Armed with only a GoPro, Nikon D3300 and an inexperienced crew-of-one, we trecked into the Frankland River to meet a group of dedicated campaigners for the Bob Brown Foundation. I speak to Melbourne-based campaigner, Emma Wasson; Tarkine National Coalition founder, Scott Jordan; tree-sitting conservationist, Dr Lisa Searle and environmental activist/man-on-the-ground, Eric (who did not wish to be further identified) – as they protest Forestry Tasmania’s planned logging in the area.

Watch the video below.

This video doesn’t exist

Special thanks to Nick Seberg for equipment and footage.

*Forestry Tasmania have so far not responded to my requests for comment.

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