Jenna Cesar lives in Hobart, Tasmania. She has previously lived in Los Angeles. She is currently completing a BA in Professional Writing, with a secondary major in Journalism. Jenna holds an Associate Degree in Music Studies, and has formerly worked as an actor, and singer. Jenna has a passion for, and experience in the arts, but is also seeking to diversify her portfolio. Please see the contact page if you would like to contact Jenna with an opportunity.

A note from the author: On why I write...

I don’t want to be a writer, I am a writer. I just haven’t written anything yet. I come from a long line of wordsmiths – English Lit teachers and lawyers mainly – and have spent most of my life to date trying to rebel against that which comes naturally to me. My 3rd grade teacher told me she’d see my name in print. The vice principal of my high school (who was also the head of the creative writing department) tried to get me a publishing deal when I was in the 9th grade. I never submitted the manuscript. I ran into her in the supermarket several years later, and she said “Please tell me you’re doing something with that brain of yours.” I wasn’t.

That was just one moment, in a long list of moments which I’ve spent my life trying to ignore. Never one to do what is expected, I’ve also always had a sneaking suspicion that I am all form – that is to say, that I have nothing of substance to say. So off I ran to LA, to devote the best part of a decade to trying to become a professional actor. Well, the best part of half a decade really… the other half I spent drifting in a haze of late nights, missed mornings, and unrealised potential.

And then my mother dropped dead. I always thought that was a cute analogy, but it’s not so cute now that it’s actually the best way to describe what happened to my mum. She died of an undetected aneurysm. Nothing good can ever be said to come of these things, but if they could, it would be that this was my wake up call.

My mother was my greatest advocate and supporter. She had faith in me I have never had in myself. I also got a good deal of my talent from her, I suspect. She was never short on something to say. She was a campaigner for truth and change, and she never failed to speak her mind for fear of recrimination. I guess what I’m tryna say, is that she’s a big part of the reason I’m doing this. Not only to honour her belief in me, but also to finish the work she can’t finish for herself. I am the voice she no longer has, and she: my ghostwriter.