Matt Sertori: Crime fighter by day… Original music saviour by night

The first time I met Matt Sertori was at an Australian Songwriter’s Association (ASA) event at The Telegraph Hotel around 12 years ago. He approached me from the other side of the bar and with no other introduction asked if I enjoyed listening to the music of David Bowie. My reply: Affirmative – and after this one qualifying question, he handed me a business card, shouted “Call me” and disappeared back around the bar. The card read “Matt Sertori – Regional Coordinator – Australian Songwriter’s Association.” I flipped it over and it said “Mathew Sertori – Parole Officer.” I wasn’t sure quite what to make of him then, and not much has changed over the past decade.

Hunter S Thompson


Hunter S. Thompson was a peculiar looking man, but his peculiarities are grossly exaggerated and forever immortalised in the even more peculiar work of Ralph Steadman. Hunter’s long-time friend and illustrator knew him in a such a way that he was able to convince us we knew him him too, in some kind of way. His quirky illustrations have managed to encapsulate an essence of the drive and longing, the twisted inflections and remarkable insight of a man who remains to this day an enigma – in so much as one can be expected to capture anything of a mind and soul of such brevity and unfathomability as Hunter’s.